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Since 2010 we have come to you to make you greener, healthier or faster! We will fix it. We can add it. We will make it work for you!

Contact Thrill if you would like to schedule service to your event, community, place of business or employment! Tell your Club, Team, neighbors, co-workers or employees....we would love to help them!

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Thrill Bikes frequently receives positive feedback from riders, athletes and partners who's bikes we build, upgrade and/or maintain. Below are a few.....and you can also visit our Google , Yelp or Facebook pages to see our online reviews!

June 2017 - Jason E. - I have been meaning to text you and tell you my Tarmac is super smooth and quiet! I'm sure you'll be helping me again.....i'm a fan! Thanks again!

April 2017 - Tom C. - My Wilier felt awesome! Really noticed how well the shifting went, and the downhill at South Mountain where I really noticed the work you did on the front end. Thanks a lot, you made a huge difference!

March 2017 - Stephanie M. - I took the bike out and it shifts great! And the brakes.....holly molly, i'll have to be careful with them until I get used to how effective they are now. I'm ready for Oceanside 70.3! Thank you!

January 2017 - Bart L. - This is my 2nd Thrill build bike. The last one took 10 consecutive 1st places in SS category in Arizona. Jon's work is top notch.

November 2016 - Pat L. - Thrill is amazing! Extreme attention to detail. The mechanic I judge all other mechanics by. Have said many times, "Jon would have done a much better job".

June 2016 - Amanda W. - Thank you for getting my bike race ready for IM St. George. You are the BOMB!

April 2016 - Bart T. - Thanks for the well tuned bike Jon. It' nice to not have to worry about a mechanical during a race.

March 2016 - Tony R. - My Epic is smooth as butter now. The bike is rolling so is hugely noticeable. I thought "My goodness, this is almost effortless rolling". Shifting is crisp. TY!

January 2016 - Jake S. - Best bike mechanic and value in Phoenix!  Imagine being able to email/call/text a top-tier bike mechanic with your problem and then having him personally show up with his fully equipped mobile shop at your doorstep.  Now imagine your bike running more smoothly and quietly than it ever has, all while you are paying a great price.  That's what you get from Jon.  He is consistently thorough and goes above and beyond what you would get from an everyday bike repair shop.  Jon has kept my daily rider running smooth for years now.  Despite the fact that he works on precision road bikes that probably cost more than my car, he takes the time to make sure my humble ride is in top shape and educates me in the process.  Don't waste your time going anywhere else - Thrill Bikes is simply the best value you'll find!

November 2015 - Zoe B. - Finally got on my bike today. Liked the new cassette. Thanks so much for all your help!!

October 2015 - Kirk L. - Jon! Wanted to let you know my nicely tuned Valdora was great at Los Cabos. Managed a 2nd place AG finish and qualified for Worlds. Thanks again! Next we'll do my road bike!

October 2015 - Carol K. - My bike worked great! Thx!!!

August 2015 - Todd S. - The Cervelo rode very nice today Jon. Thanks for everything!

August 2015 - Peter D. - The bike worked beautifully again. Thank you.

July 2015 - Branden T. - You have my bike work from here on out. I'm done messing around.

June 2015 - Klas K. - Jon is the man! He is so detailed and catches components at the beginning of failure routinely. We are so glad to have him working on our bikes.

June 2015 - John W. - I'm not wasting my time anymore. Jon is the master of bike repair and his knowledge of the mechanics of the machinery is doctorate! He is dependable, reasonable, and loves what he does. Besides, he comes to your door at no extra charge!

May 2015 - Steve Z. - Thank you so much for the bike work and fit modifications! They are already making a night and day difference in my rides.

April 2015 - Will R. - Hey Jon! Thanks for all of the work on my tri-bike, it ran perfectly for the race!

February 2015 - Sean B. - The bike is running great! The brakes get better every time out, and it shifts great. Thanks again for all the help and info!

February 2015 - Meghan K. - Thank you for all of your help! I can't wait to get out on my bike and put in some miles. Let me know where I can write a review for the excellent service, and abundance of knowledge I gained!

January 2015 - Aaron S. - Thrill bikes, and Jon, did a top notch job on my ride, I'd recommend them to anyone! Get your bike done right!

September 2014 - Bart L. - Jon, after the overhaul of the Motobecane, it went like a bat out of hell! And the Niner conversion to single speed has no squeaks, and is immensely fun to ride. We are Thrilled with your service! Thanks again!

August 2014 - Patrick L. - Jon, I was a little skeptical at first, but you and your work came highly recommended. Now I see the praise is well deserved! Just an FYI.....rode 60 on Sunday and once again the bike was spot on. Thanks again for the lessons, and for keeping the ride running perfectly. Cheers.

August 2014 - Kyle P. - My bike feels great! It might be better then when I bought it! Thank you for your help.

July 2014 - Eric B. - Thank you Jon! The brakes look great, and my son is going to love them!

July 2014 - Jay M. - I'm glad you had a chance to go over my bike before I shipped it off to the NYC tri. Thanks again.

July 2014 - Dan K. - Thanks Jon, can't wait to ride it. Consider the extra payment as compensation for the personal service and explanations. Generally don't get that at bike shops.

June 2014 - Mark S. - I am loving my new Ripley 29er! Thanks for all you did getting it together for me. Heading out of the heat to get some alpine riding in this weekend. Thanks!

May 2014 - Michelle C. - Thank you for putting my new tri-bike together. This one works and looks better than the one I have back home! Will definitely bring the other bike down this fall and have you go over it. We love your service!

April 2014 - Midwestern University - Thanks again for participating in our TRP Valley Bike Month event yesterday. It was our largest turn-out ever, and Thrill Bikes was no doubt a big reason for that.




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